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Easy and effective utility to create subtitle streams for your Real Video files
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Marcin Nowrot

Real Subtitler is a small open-source application that will help you create RealText files for your Real videos. Simplicity is probably the word that defines this tool best, and it refers both to how easy it is for anyone to create new subtitle streams with it and to the lack of customization options when it comes to the layout of the text.

Adding new subtitles to your Real videos can be easily done while you watch them using the hotkeys provided. Every time you press a specific hotkey, a new line will be added to the subtitles file, which will include the exact time within the video where you pressed this key combination. You can then add an end time for that specific line as well as the text that needs to be displayed. Alternatively, you can define a “holding time” for all subtitles – this means that those subtitles without an end time will be displayed for as many seconds as defined in this parameter.

In the video settings dialog you are allowed to change both the video and the text sizes and to decide on how the clip will fit into the video field (i.e., the player’s screen). This is especially useful for clips that are smaller than the video field, as you can tell the program to fill in the remaining space with some background color, so that you can use the full length of the video field for your subtitles.

The files created are plain, standard RT (RealText) files. The program will always apply a defaulted type, size, and color to the font used. If you happen not to like it, you will need to tweak these parameters yourself outside Real Subtitler, as long as you have enough knowledge about RealText mark-up. For everyone else, this free utility is all they need.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to add subtitles while watching the video file
  • Allows you to use hotkeys for the most common operations


  • The appearance of the subtitles cannot be customized
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